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    Cap and Trade would result in higher energy costs that would disproportionately affect lower-income families.

    Cap and trade would unfairly target certain regions of the country with higher energy costs and greater restrictions.

    Gasoline prices could rise by 77 cents per gallon, and electricity prices could increase by 77.4% in years to come.

    Cap and Trade would harm America’s agricultural industry, placing our farmers at a disadvantage to other food-exporting nations.

    As energy prices rise, consumers would have to pay higher prices for all goods and services.

    Cap and Trade would weaken America’s international competitiveness, and would lead to a dramatic rise in unemployment.

    Without the cooperation of foreign countries like China, India, and Russia, Cap and Trade would be ineffective at reducing pollution.

    Cap and Trade would increase our dependence on foreign sources of energy, creating incentives to import more oil from the Middle East.

    Cap and Trade would place a dramatic regulatory burden on every home, family, and business in America.

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  • Take Action

    Help us preserve American jobs and promote affordable energy by sending a letter to your U.S. Senators voicing your opposition to the Administration’s plans to unilaterally impose emissions regulations in the wake of failed legislative efforts.

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    Congress needs to know you are opposed to this Cap and Trade energy scheme. Urge your friends, family, and others in your community to learn more and get involved.

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